Magic Thermometer

Science Behind Experiment
Thermometers are important tools in science since thermometers measure temperature. They can tell us if the weather outside is cold or hot. This allow us to dress properly for certain weather conditions without having to go outside first hand.

Thermometers allow us to record data and observe how something will react under different temperature changes. Most liquids and elements have a boiling point and freezing point. Understanding how a product will react under temperature changes allows us to understand the world around us. Temperature can be measured in Fahrenheit, Celsius, and Kelvin.

In this experiment, the liquid in the thermometer will expand (rise) when heat is used and will contract (shrink) when placed in cold ice. Just like any thermometer, the higher the liquid goes, the hotter the temperature is and vice versa. This is because the alcohol in the liquid expands when heat is used to the point that the liquid has no choice but to move upwards in the straw. When the thermometer is placed in ice, the alcohol in the thermometer will quickly contract (shrink back down) the straw to its original position.

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Magic Peanuts & Styrofoam

Science Behind Experiment
Packaging Peanuts dissolve in water since the magic peanuts are made from starch. This means that the starch-based packaging peanuts are environmentally-friendly because they are biodegradable. They protect our environment by not adding waste to our natural habitat while keeping our shipping products safe from destruction. Rain or any other water variable will dissolve these peanuts easily, therefore, no pollution.

Styrofoam cups are useful to the environment because it can be recycled. Styrofoam cups dissolve in acetone, better known as nail polish remover. It does not dissolve in water because it is not water soluble. We use these cups to keep our drink cold or hot. Styrofoam cups can be recycled because the acetone can break down the styrofoam and make it very tiny. Then a scientist can blow the styrofoam cups back to its original size in a factory. Now isn’t that amazing.

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Magic Egg Stained Brushing Experiment

Science Behind Experiment
Did you know that egg shells are very similar to our teeth? Both are made of calcium carbonate and other proteins. You can show your family or students how teeth can get stained by our everyday liquids that we drink such as: coffee, tea, juice, etc. Test all the liquids you like to drink and see which ones stain the worst!

First, boil the eggs. Next, leave the boiled eggs overnight inside a cup filled with the beverage of your choice. Come back the next day to see how stained the egg shell has become.

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Brushing the Egg

Magic Glow in the Dark Lotion

How many times have you asked your kids to wash their hands and wondered if they washed them properly? Children tend to wash their hands quickly, forgetting to soap every part their hands. The Magic Glow in the Dark Lotion is a fun experiment that helps teach children the importance of washing their hands.  Clean hands mean no germs.

Science Behind Experiment
All glow-in-the-dark products contain phosphors. A phosphor is a substance that emits visible light after being energized. One example of a glow-in the dark product that we used in our experiment is Dr. H’s special glow-in-the-dark lotion. The lotion glows in the dark due to the black light energizing the phosphor located inside the lotion. After your children was their hands, they will place their hands underneath the black light. If your child’s hand glows in the dark in some spots, then it means your child has not washed his or her hands in that particular spot.

Materials Needed:

  • Black light
  • Magic glow-in-the dark-lotion

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